Board Plan
Board Plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan with Level Income is one of the most popular plan in aboard, now also popular with Indians.
The Board MLM Plan got the name as it has few team members in a board, helping eachother grow. The member in the board is set by MLM Company. When the number of member in the board excedd it is automatically split into sub - boards or sub group. The member who have completed their level is allowed to move to next board.
How Does MLM Board Plan Work?
Upon joining the MLM Board Plan, you are provided with an empty board with columns and rows. The dimensions of the board may vary from one company to another. Member get compensation upon filing the columns with new associates, or members.
The MLM Board Plan works on two-legs or more then two-legs provided by MLM Company. This is one MLM plans where members pay on joining fee, which makes you start earning from theday you start your MLM business. For members as well as for MLM Company it's beneficial. Here Admin can set the commission amount.

Features Of Board Plan
  • Integration of Unlimited Board Income
  • Auto Splitting Of Boards
  • Recycling entry system into Board itself or to even in the next board
  • Cross Matrix
  • Auto promotion to higher board
  • Qualified board list report
  • Find affiliates board

Easy to manage - As the members are limited, this plan becomes easy to manage.
Increased pay outs - Limited team size, pay outs are not only manageable but also yield high pofits.
Independent managed - Here no one is dependent on its up line or down line, once you complete your level, you are eligible to go to next board.

Limitation of Size - This plan can have an adverse effect for MLM company who wants to build a large company with unlimited members.

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