MLM Software’s: Start on the Right Note !
Great you have decided to setup your MLM Company and now you are looking to have an IT piece which can reduce the burden of managing the MLM transactions. Well all you need is a good robust MLM software which is built on a modern robust platform and can cover the multiple aspects of an MLM business.
Some of the modern features include:

a) Ensure that your software is easily integrated with email and sms including the functionality to send across auto SMS. The Auto SMS can trigger on important events like Payments made, Registrations etc.

b) Because of the dynamic nature of the business the MLM software must have the functionality and feature to update it using a content management system i.e. CMS based. This will allow the “admin” to manage the portal effectively and quickly without taking to the control from him/her.

c) Some of the other features include the ability to
  • Functionality to Add Multiple Products
  • Multi User level Permissions levels
  • Complete Audit Trail or System Log information
  • Data Dump Export feature etc
Well this is the tip of the iceberg. Will try to cover more points on this in next series. Keep watching this space for interesting updates!!
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