MLM Software's: Binary Plan
It is often said in MLM that "You make money on your downline and not on your upline so look after your downline". In most MLM pay plans this is true, but not in a Binary Pay Plan because your upline has no choice but to at the least place half of his new members under you if not all of them!

A Binary Pay Plan has only two legs, thus the Bi in Binary, meaning two. Every new member is placed one under the other. In a Binary Pay Plan you will find yourself in one of your uplines two legs. Depending on the person, the two legs are often called the "Right and left leg" or "Longer and shorter leg" or "Stronger and weaker leg".

The "Longer" or "Stronger" leg will be the leg you joined into and It will always be longer and stronger because of all the people above you who are constantly putting new members under you. You are getting free paying members put under you! This is unheard or very rarely seen in most other MLM pay plans.

One of the main differences between a binary MLM plan and a forced matrix is that you will have no differences in levels. When someone joins your opportunity and becomes part of your downline, you will receive a pre-determined cash amount. A typical forced matrix pays a different amount on your different levels. A binary MLM plan will only pay a pre-determined amount of cash for each person. It won't matter how many levels down they may be from you in your downline.
The binary plan program relies on the following facts:
  • You only need to sponsor two people to qualify for group commissions.
  • You are paid on twice as many people as the group you build.
  • Every member you sponsor is placed under all the other members in the leg you are building.
  • You only have to build one leg.
  • All members benefit from all new members sponsored by all upline members in that leg.
  • The above points are easy to explain and powerful points to recruit new and experienced MLM members.
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